Run Fest Poreč 2023

Žatika Hall, Poreč
5 km and 10 km
15 euro

A trail race in which you will discover the beautiful green hinterland of the city of Poreč.

The start and finish are in the parking lot, at the foot of the Žatika sports hall. 

Race organizers: Run Croatia jdoo and AB Consulting doo

Venue: Žatika Hall, Poreč

Time of maintenance: 14.10.2023.

Length: 5 km and 10 km

Start / finish: Žatika Hall, Poreč

Registration: until the day of the race

Applications and payments received by October 6th, 2023. - secured T-shirt and medal

Information: e-mail:

ENTRY FEE: 15 euro

The entry fee is paid on:  

IBAN HR2923600001102496513

Primatelj: Run Croatia j.d.o.o., Gajeva 55/1, 10000 Zagreb 

Purpose of payment: enter the name and surname of the competitor and Run Fest Poreč 2023.


- start number

- starter pack

- quick publication of results

- official T-shirt

- starter pack

- medical assistance

- refreshments on the track and at the end of the race

- participation in a quiz with sponsors' prizes

- After Run party

- finisher medals and medals by absolute categories


• When paying from abroad, the amount is increased by the bank fee.

• If the competitors who paid the entry fee do not take part in the race, a refund of the entry fee is not possible.

• Competitors who withdraw from the race can transfer their start number and the corresponding start package to another registered competitor no later than 2 days before the race.


• Each competitor directly agrees to compete at personal risk (accompanied by medical assistance and police insurance), to be familiar with the rules and regulations of the race to be followed, and to be aware of the possible risks involved in this competition. .

• By registering, the competitor waives the possibility of transferring responsibility to the race organizer either to the competitors or to third parties.

• By registering, the competitor confirms that he / she is medically fit and in appropriate psycho-physical condition suitable for this type of competition.

• We would like to inform you that the event you are participating in is being recorded and that recordings and photos from it can be used for marketing purposes to promote the event organizers. It is also possible that the recordings and photos will be published in print or electronic media and / or on the social networks of the organizers.

• The organizer reserves the right to cancel or interrupt the race at any time in case of force majeure, unforeseen situation and violation of the safety of race participants or other persons. In case of cancellation of the race due to the above conditions, the participants of the race are not entitled to compensation.

• In case of cancellation of the race due to force majeure, the organizer is not obliged to refund the funds paid

• The organizer reserves the right to change the tracks even before the start; this can cause routes to be longer or shorter than anticipated.


10/14/2023 Saturday

09.00 - 10.30 - raising the start numbers in the Žatika hall

10.30 am - warm-up before the race

11:00 - start of the race at 5 km and 10 km

12:30 pm - end of the race, announcement of winners and quiz with prizes for all runners

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