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Who are Run Croatia volunteers?

Volunteers are the backbone of every successful race day. Their enthusiasm, dedication and selflessness are what keeps moving us forward. They are an irreplaceable part of our team, as they make sure that each racing event we host is a community event that brings people together.

We are forever grateful to our volunteers.

Everyone who has taken part in a running event hosted by Run Croatia know their value cannot be measured. If you would like to join our team of volunteers, you have to know that this means taking on serious responsibilities:

●    Preparing and handing out goodie bags

●    Handing out water and food to runners

●    Explaining the course and track to participants

●    Marking the course

●    Standing at race checkpoints

●    Assisting medical staff

●    Presenting medals to the winners

●    Cleaning up during and after the race

●    Guiding runners on a bike

●    Helping the Run Croatia crew setup race stations

●    Cheering for our runners

●    Last but not least:

Have fun volunteering :)

We welcome volunteers of all ages. However, if you are under the age of 16 you are required to present Run Croatia with parental consent and have to be supervised by an adult at all times.

So, would you like to volunteer for Run Croatia? We’d like you to. Signing up is easy.

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